Medium-Term Accommodation (MTA)

Experience the Comfort of Medium-Term Accommodation

Medium-Term Accommodation (MTA)

Medium Term Accommodation

A type of support offered through the NDIS that helps participants find suitable, safe, and affordable housing for medium-term living purposes.

MTA covers rent and other costs associated with the rental agreement, such as bills, furniture, and household items. MTA offers a dream come true for many with disabilities: the opportunity to live independently but in a supported environment.

In this medium-term accommodation, you can stay for up to 90 days. However, you might be able to get funding for longer than 90 days if you can show that you need it because of your support needs. Day-to-day living expenses such as food, internet, and power are not covered by funding for medium-term accommodation.

It also excludes personal care assistance such as showering, bathing, oral hygiene, dressing, and grooming; toileting, bladder and bowel management, and menstrual care; eating and drinking; attending appointments; using aids and appliances, hearing and communication devices; mobility and transferring, such as getting in and out of bed and using the toilet.

Our MTA services at Empower Living cover vital areas such as:

  • Check move-in assistance
  • Check provision of furniture, equipment, and modifications to your home; and home maintenance and repairs
  • Check help with planning meals and food preparation
  • Check meal delivery service
  • Check ouse cleaning services
  • Check and much more!
Medium Term Accommodation

Medium-Term Accommodation NDIS

Are you looking for Medium Term Accommodation NDIS Services? Look no further than Empower Living!

If you wish to explore MTA as part of your NDIS funding, do ensure to reach out to us. We will take our time to explain the options available carefully at each stage, depending on individual eligibility, needs, and budget.

You must meet the following requirements to qualify for this support under the NDIS program:

  • Check You must be an Australian citizen, a resident of Australia, and a permanent visa holder.
  • Check After a short period of temporary housing, you will transfer to your permanent residence.
  • Check You need the accommodation because your disability supports aren’t ready yet, so you can’t move into your long-term home.
  • Check For some reason, you cannot remain in your current residence while you await your long-term home.
  • Check It meets reasonable and necessary criteria.

Medium-term accommodation under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) refers to housing options designed for individuals requiring more support than short-term options but less than permanent residential care. These accommodations aim to offer a stable living environment for NDIS participants with complex needs, allowing them to receive specialized care, therapies, and support services. This arrangement bridges the gap between short stays and long-term care, providing flexibility for individuals to enhance their skills and independence while working towards their goals. Medium-term accommodations are tailored to individual needs, fostering personal development and community engagement. The NDIS’s emphasis on choice and control ensures participants can access appropriate housing solutions that suit their circumstances, enhancing their overall quality of life and facilitating smoother transitions between different care levels.

NDIS Medium-Term Accommodation Providers

We at Empower Living are here for you in providing NDIS Medium Term Accommodation.

NDIS Medium-Term Accommodation providers play a vital role in offering specialized housing solutions for individuals with complex needs. These providers offer safe, supportive, and flexible living environments that bridge the gap between short-term stays and permanent care. They work closely with NDIS participants to tailor accommodations to their specific requirements, incorporating personalized care plans, therapies, and skill-building activities. Collaborating with multidisciplinary teams, these providers ensure holistic care and development. They adhere to NDIS principles of choice and control, empowering participants to actively participate in decisions about their living arrangements and support services. Through these offerings, NDIS Medium-Term Accommodation providers contribute to enhancing participants’ independence, community integration, and overall well-being, facilitating their journey towards achieving their goals and aspirations within the framework of the NDIS.

For more information, feel free to contact us at Empower Living.

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