About Us

Trust | Empowerment
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Partnership and Collaboration
Empower Living Pty Ltd has been established in response to local community demand for high-quality support services that support the independence of people with a disability.

Empower Living provides in-home and community-based care for people with disability and mental health difficulty;

its services include:

  • transport for clients who cannot use public or other private transport, from their home to their daytime activities, place of study or workplace;

in-home care, including:

  • general household services, such as cleaning, home and yard maintenance, laundry and meal preparation and delivery;
  • assistance with personal activities and daily tasks, such as personal care, hygiene, dressing, medication and domestic tasks;
  • respite, such as providing in-home care and support to clients or assisting them to access community activities, so their carers can take a break;